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 on: 10.09.2008, 19:11:59 
Started by FBH - Last post by fj1200
We have developed and offer such a system for automated visual inspection. Have a look at




Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Best regards
Thomas Pichler

 on: 10.09.2008, 14:55:25 
Started by FBH - Last post by Artur Jutman
Please, consider attending the Test Forum 2008 event in Tallinn. We are preparing an interesting program that tentatively will include also a presentation about experience with the Bead Probe technology.

 on: 09.09.2008, 22:09:01 
Started by FBH - Last post by Agilent User
This what's licenced:

Agilent Medalist Bead Probe Technology is a proprietary technology for incorporating test probes (beads) on printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), and testing PCBAs with these Test Probes. In addition to other intellectual property rights (IPR) in Agilent Medalist Bead Probe Technology, Agilent has filed several patent applications on various aspects of Bead Probe Technology, and these include fabricating PCBAs with Test Probes and testing PCBAs with Test Probes.

So to answer your 2 questions for the PWB designer and test engineer; not without a proper license.

 on: 09.09.2008, 16:51:44 
Started by FBH - Last post by knub
Exactly what is licensed by Agilent?

Can a PWB designer not place a bead probe padstack on his board without a license from Agilent?
Can a test engineer not place a nail in his fixture to access a bead probe without a license from Agilent?

 on: 05.09.2008, 16:07:02 
Started by FBH - Last post by Agilent User
Bead Probe Technology is an Agilent Patented Technology. A license for this can be requested from Agilent to be used on the 3070 Platform. If you are using a different platform you can ask your vendor to request the license at Agilent.

The technology itself is very reliable and offers a solid probing technique. There are already many companies utilizing it in their designs. It even offers contractors the ability to create additional probing spots in existing designs.

If you go to the Agilent home page and do a search on Bead probes you will find a lot of information. Customer reference stories, training material etc..

See also: http://www.home.agilent.com/agilent/editorial.jspx?action=download&cc=US&lc=eng&ckey=873640&nid=-536900432.0.00&id=873640

 on: 03.09.2008, 09:44:55 
Started by FBH - Last post by FBH
Has anybody any expeinces with that in Scandinavia? If so, is it used in connection with Agilent Systems or can it be licensed to be used with other test systems?  Is accesabilty/ reliability to the test nodes satisfying?

 on: 03.09.2008, 09:31:24 
Started by FBH - Last post by FBH
Has anybody good experencies with this, especially finding missing / mismounted hand-inserted components or mechanical parts. Possible with homemade USB-Cameras, but preferable "turn-key" solutions. Mostly AOI vendors are focussing on either AOI after SMT-Reflow or bottom side AOI after wawesoldereing! Huh

 on: 11.07.2008, 11:03:30 
Started by wallu - Last post by Artur Jutman
Thanks for comments!

The URL of the main page is http://nordictestforum.org. The URL of this forum is http://nordictestforum.org/smf/

There is indeed no link back to the main NTF pages. We will fix it soon. For now, please just modify the address bar of your browser accordingly.

Thanks again,


 on: 11.07.2008, 03:44:54 
Started by wallu - Last post by wallu
Nice new pages.

So far I have not found way to swap between chat forum and "normal" page. Is it possible or am I just impatient. Shocked

 on: 04.07.2008, 12:55:43 
Started by Artur Jutman - Last post by Artur Jutman
Dear NTF members and visitors,

NTF Committee is pleased to announce that the official NTF website has got a long awaited new look and functionality. From now on, we will publish most of the information related to our organization as well as Test Forum conferences and other events on this website. We will also provide our members with a number of other interesting thematic sections. For instance this Message Board gives you a possibility to present and discuss your ideas with the whole test community in the Nordic Region and beyond. It makes it also very simple to contact the NTF Committee and influence the important decisions made in the future.
We have many more ideas and plans so be sure to come back often!
NTF Committee

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