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 on: 01.03.2011, 07:59:08 
Started by Jukka.Antila - Last post by Jukka.Antila
Hi all NTF members and visitors,

You might be interested to visit recently opened Testele.com -site.  Pages are presenting articles and tools concentrating in test strategies, test economics and quality.  And more to come.

Jukka Antila
Chief Editor


 on: 01.02.2011, 08:19:19 
Started by knub - Last post by knub
TestForum 2011 will be in Helsinki November 22nd-23rd.

What topics do you like to hear about?
Do you like to present a topic yourself?
Is there a specific speaker you would like to hear?

Please post your views here or mail them to the committee.

Knut Båtstoløkken

 on: 05.11.2008, 23:58:21 
Started by wallu - Last post by ian.m.mcintosh
The most obvious thing would be to make the NTF logo at top left of the forum screen a link back to the main site (instead of being a link to the forum index page). I don't know the SMF forum software (I use phpBB), but I'm guessing that link is embedded in a heading template file as part of the theme. However, I also guess that it's embedded as a variable, which would make changing it a bit trickier Undecided

 on: 05.11.2008, 23:49:17 
Started by ian.m.mcintosh - Last post by ian.m.mcintosh
Thanks Artur - I e-mailed my presentation to Suzanne, so I haven't had the opportunity to test the revised functionality. I guess somebody else will though, in time.

I know how hard it is to get a new website working the way people expect (I run the SJTAG website) - someone will always find a combination of buttons to push that you didn't test!

In general, the site works well, though Smiley

 on: 31.10.2008, 13:31:31 
Started by ian.m.mcintosh - Last post by Artur Jutman
Ian, thank you very much for a very extensive comment. Our new web site was just launched several months ago and it is true that we still have some flaws in its structure and settings. I'm very sorry for the lost time you had to spend when uploading your contrubution.

The problems you mentioned must be fixed now. ZIP as well as RAR extentions are valid. The max file size is 10MB.

Alternatively, you can always send your presentation file(s) to NTF Secretary by e-mail: sho[at]microlex.dk

If the web site functionality does not correspond to your expectations, please feel free to keep writing comments in this forum or report directly to artur[at]nordictestforum.org.

Thanks again!
Artur Jutman

 on: 31.10.2008, 11:01:20 
Started by knub - Last post by knub
What topics do you like to hear about in future TestForums?
Do you like to present a topic yourself?
Is there a specific speaker you would like to hear?

Please post your views here, mail them to the committee or tell us at TestForum 2008.

Knut Båtstoløkken

 on: 31.10.2008, 10:13:17 
Started by FBH - Last post by wallu
It is not so complicated, not simple either, thing to build it by yourself. Of cource it depends on what kind of accurace requirements you have etc.. In the past I have used Cognex insight with simple ring light + some additional lights when needed. Depending on your needs, if it is manual or in-line solution, things get more complicated.

 on: 30.10.2008, 00:02:47 
Started by ian.m.mcintosh - Last post by ian.m.mcintosh
I was trying to upload my paper for NTF 2008 today using the My Papers submissions page and hit a couple of limitations that possibly should be explained before someone tries to upload files:
  • I had two files to upload - the presentation itself and a PDF copy for distribution. I decided to zip them so I only needed to upload one file. I selected the file and clicked the "Attach" button, After watching the progress bar for several minutes, I got an error message telling me that the filename didn't have one of the allowed extensions Undecided
  • The individual files were of allowed types, so I tried to attach the PDF. Again after several minutes, I got another error message, reporting that the file was larger than the 1MB maximum Angry
It looks like the file only gets checked after it has been transferred to the server.
Apart from a 1MB limit seeming a bit small (I expected 8MB, which is a common HTTP file transfer limit), I could have saved myself some time if these limits were stated on the submission page, rather than only appearing in error messages, but I don't know how much control you have over the page content there.

 on: 17.09.2008, 16:34:56 
Started by Artur Jutman - Last post by Artur Jutman
Dear NTF member,

NTF is seeking for a very hot topic for panel discussion on the first day of the Test Forum 2008. This can be anything around production testing technologies. Just some hints below:

- Functional vs. Structural testing
- What is the future of Boundary Scan?
- Will 1149.4 be still alive after 5 years?

You have a chance to influence the Test Forum 2008 program! Propose your topic!

 on: 12.09.2008, 14:14:30 
Started by FBH - Last post by Mick Austin
I know of some companies that can provide turn key solutions for these purposes. National Instruments have a number of these type of camera solutions that can be adapted for use in checking if components are correctly mounted or present. Many of their partners can provide a turn key solution for this. I guess it depends where you are located which partner it is.
Also I know that the company from Finland called Orbis can provide these type of turn key solutions.

If you do something on this then I hope you can come and present the solution at the Test Forum some time in the future.

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